Your Mind is The Winning Tools Box; Make It Work! Diongoli Michael

“The mind is the most powerful part of human existence, it is the brooding ground for success.

All thoughts and aspirations are conceived and processed here before execution.
Wining the mind game implies winning life’s game, and thriving in any sphere of life”.

The founder of UK-DION Mr. Michael Diongoli, a financial expert and business thought leader made this known while speaking with a crop of young entrepreneurs in Africa.

The man who rose from starting a business with just three thousand naira from his parlour has increased his fortune to a multi billion naira venture.

He attributes his successes to deliberate tasking of his mind. In his words “I constantly strive to feed my mind with positivity and commission it to learn at every given opportunity. I am here today because my mind is continuously programmed to seek for new truths and disrupt the old”.

Michael Diongoli admonishes aspiring entrepreneurs and SME’s not to joke with tasking their minds to get their desired results.

He believes that developing oneself and consciously getting exposed to 21st century relevant economic knowledge is key to business success.

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