Tompolo Lauds Buhari over Battle Against Crude Oil Theft, Governance

A Former Niger Delta Militant Commander and Ibe Ebidouwei of Ijaw Nation, High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo popularly known as Tompolo has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari over his commendable battle against crude oil theft and illegal bunkering along the waterways and creeks of the region.

Tompolo, in an open letter of commendation to President Muhammadu Buhari, acknowledged Nigeria’s current hiccups as “challenging” and “but with great potentials”, declaring that the President has made personal sacrifices and contributions in the course of nation building the last sixty years,” Our gratitude to you will always be assured.”

According to Tompolo, in the self signed letter, states that “we greet you with utmost respect and salute your courage the last eight years in steering the affairs of this nation with great potentialities, Nigeria is a work in progress but should not be limited by the challenges we face today as a developing nation, as we all must play our roles in rowing the nation to the desired destination of the overwhelming majority who yearns for a functional society where all would be equal stakeholders.THE LEADERSHIP OF THE COALITION OF NIGER DELTA EX-AGITATORS GOT IT WRONG

” It is our firm belief that Nigeria will ultimately take its proper seat in the comity of developed nations. Thank you Mr. President for the personal sacrifices and contributions you have made in the course of nation building the last sixty years. Our gratitude to you will always be assured.”

He also congratulated the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on his election victory, urging him that as he prepares to take the baton of leadership from the outgoing President, “we like millions of Nigerians, at home and in the diaspora whose expectations are high of you, use this medium to again express our support and partnership with you to build a prosperous and peaceful nation.”

He further acknowledged and applauded the innovative, creative, flexible and result oriented management team of the NNPCL, ably led by the Group General Manager (GMD) Mallam Mele Kyari.

According to Tompolo, “When the federal government of Nigeria and the NNPCL awarded the pipeline surveillance contract to Tantita Security Company amongst others in the month of August 2022, it had done so borne out of the evident vandalisation of pipeline infrastructures and the humongous theft of crude oil running into billions of dollars by a criminal few and the subsequent rapid and steady decline of national income. It took the political will of the federal government and the iron clad resolve of the NNPCL management to step out of their boxes.”

“Besides the vandalisation of national assets and its heavy toil on the finances and economic development of the country, the illicit trade of stolen crude had become a perennial and hydra headed problem – it had brought in its wake a plethora of problems coupled with existential angst in the region, chiefly an unprecedented assaults on our environment and our ways of life – a depletion in subsistence farming and fishing, a disturbing and upward curve of violence amongst our young men and the threat to our communities, traditional leaders and constituted authorities.”

“Accepting to undertake this work meant more than just the usual contractual obligations and incentives, as a nation we were at the brink economically and as a region we were in a make or mar situation occasioned by all the negatives of this illegal and environmentally hazardous trade, it is the respective combination of national and regional interests that informed our will to accept and sign the contract.”

“Since August of 2022, it has been sleepless nights and restless days, the management of Tantita Security Company and the Nigerian Armed forces respectively have worked tirelessly and unfazed with the ever present dangers to the lives of our staff on this national assignment, in some cases we have recorded casualties. From the onset we were clear about the enormity of the task laid before us and as such we developed a critical and strategic template to execute – from our firm belief, determination and demonstration of inherent dynamism to dealing with the dynamics of pipeline vandalism and to understanding of the region’s delicate balance – the nature of this illicit trade, the socioeconomic situation and cultural distinctiveness would all become essential keys to the success of this venture.”

“Through the management of NNPCL and the federal government, we are beginning to get public acknowledgement for the reversal of the ugly trend of pipeline vandalism and theft of crude oil and our hitherto ravaged communities are also reporting progressive indices on the environment and security, all of these would not have been possible without the commitment of the communities and royal fathers who keyed in wholeheartedly from the beginning of this onerous national assignment.”

“From the discovery of the mind blowing illegal pipeline of the Trans-Forcados to thousands of other illegal tapping points crisscrossing the length and breadth of the Niger Delta and to the ground breaking seizures of a number of vessels involved in the illegal trade of stolen crude, the resultant effect has been a steady progression of crude oil production as reported by the NNPCL and the federal government, crude oil exports is on the rise so is our national earning, return of investors confidence, there is a northward economic rebound, again we seem to be in good stead in the comity of OPEC.”

He also commended the Niger Delta royal fathers, communities, youth leaders and women group, for the support to the work load of Tantita Security Services, “you have all worked so hard and tirelessly since August of 2022 to make Tantita Security Company surveillance of the pipelines a success and have become agitated lately and are also asking a lot of questions regarding the continuation of their engagements as a result of the obvious transition to a new government, we appeal that you calm down and that government is a continuum and the successful appraisal and benefits of our work the last ten months is collective and not limited to the out going administration.”

“Our position over time has remained the same – that the federal government and the oil and gas industry must invest in the region – in infrastructure, job creation, schools and education, health facilities, and in our youths so as to change the narrative of our socioeconomic trajectory, the factors that drives and makes pipeline vandalism and oil theft attractive and the attendant violence are ever present and looming in the region, it is only a holistic approach and the political will to do it differently that will usher in a new and progressive social, economic and political orientation and consciousness.”

“As we continue to secure the nation’s hydrocarbon assets that guarantees the much needed foreign exchange earnings and secure the potentialities for economic growth and rekindle the interest and upsurge in investors confidence, initiate development and employment for Nigerians, we look forward to a mutual working relationship with the incoming administration.”

“In the voyage of this arduous and hazardous national assignment, we have built commendable and invaluable partnerships with the Armed forces – the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy, The Nigerian Police Force, The Department of State Security (DSS) and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp, we greatly appreciate and salute you. We thank the Niger Delta Royal Fathers and people that continues to unequivocally demonstrate their support for the award of the pipeline surveillance contract to Tantita Security Company and their collaborative work with the Armed forces of the federal government of Nigeria, we say thank you to the Nigerian media that has affirmed it’s position as the fourth estate of the realm, a true partner in nation building and a voice and champion of the people’s rights. The task remains to be completed.”

“To President Mohammdadu Buhari GCFR, we say thank you, better late than never, it is a partnership that could have been in place earlier, we wish you a well deserved rest.”

“To Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President elect, we enthusiastically await your swearing in and also reaffirm our readiness to work with you and help build a peaceful and prosperous nation where the rights and security of all will be second to none.”

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