The Perfect Gentleman Part 4

By Sharon Rhiogbere

We ate and had fun till everyone went to their rooms. I stayed out the most. Saw a movie and thoroughly exhausted myself. I even nodded off on the sofa while at it.

The Perfect Gentle Man Series Prt 3

I woke up to pee at 2:00am, then I put the living room in order, got my stuff together and went to my room. I got in the shower and had a very therapeutic hot bath.

I call it a “massage steam bath” all those droplets hitting all the right spots with the right amount of pressure and the temperature being just right on the nerves. All the sensations birth the most refreshing feeling.

I got out of the shower feeling like I’d been born again. I threw on my plus size shirt and slid under the sheets. Then I grabbed my phone off the bedside drawer and saw a message notification.

‘How come I see you when I close my eyes’ I looked at the text wondering which of my clown friends is at it trying to prank me again.

I checked the senders profile and my heart just stopped. On that profile was the photograph of the man who I’d just dreamt about as I napped. The man whose entrance into my world has the effect the moon has on the night. “ Lamar Dantata“

My Sixth sense warned me not to text back. Was screaming this is too good to be true, my experience was questioning the odds but my fingers were acting all on their own texting back the most ridiculous.

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“ cause my heart is calling out to yours” and I was already hitting the send icon when the last strap of rationality in me took over and saved me a great deal of embarrassment, but that was only for a split second.

I eventually replied with “ I guess it’s cause you can’t wait to have that dinner we talked about “

I guess not.
So how bout that dinner tomorrow night. Sunday night I mean. You could be my plus one for a meeting after dinner, plus, we could introduce you to a couple of friends I mentioned. What do you think?

What kind of meeting is it, like the one we met or something more private? I asked

It’s a business meeting, it’s a bit similar to the one where we met, but it’s on a smaller scale. The oldies wont be present.

I want you to look even more exotic than you looked then. I like my woman looking tip-top at all times.

Your woman?? I mused in reply.

You don’t want to be. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to impose. I was presumption. He apologized.

Watch out for part 5

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