The Perfect Gentle Man Series Prt 3

By Sharon Rhiogbere

“If there has to be a catch, that’ll be doing dinner sometime “ he said with a beguiling smile on.

Smiles , smiles , smiles …

Someone is smiling so much she’s almost walking into the wall

Or better still into the grumpy manager


Where did this bumbling idiot come from, where do you think this is, a playground or what?
Feature: Perfect Gentleman Script Prt 1 by Sharon Rhiogbere
I’m very sorry ma’am, it wasn’t intentional. I said trying to put on a composed expression.

Miss Michaele landed a piercing gaze on me. The next thing she asked was if i’d even sold a property for the company. Lucky for me, I was in the company to pick up the transfer papers and deeds.

Yes ma’am, I’m actually here to pick up transfer documents for a couple of properties so I can hand them to my client.

What’s your name?

Sandra Okoro is my name ma.

Do you know who I am? She asked
Feature: The perfect Gentleman Script by Sharon Rhiogbere
“You’re the manager of the most proactive team and with the most respected status in the company. I hear you’re highly valued by the General manager, and I hope to be able to achieve such a level as well” I said beaming excitedly like a kid who just met her favorite cartoon character.

The only thing else I heard from her was “Big dreams” before she sidestepped me and walked down the stairs.

I headed to the legal department to get the documents required for the property transfer. After which, I went to my desk to update my sales record. I was thoroughly excited at the lofty cheque I received as my commission.

Cashing my cheques gave me another level of fullness. I mean, I suddenly realised why they say people who have everything don’t know what they want.

I suddenly have a lot within my reach, a lot I can afford, a lot I can do for myself and for others and my mind can’t seem to process exactly what should or should not be done.

I went home instead. Had a shower laid on the living room sofa. Turned on the Tv and relaxed do enjoy some prime Tv time and then Charisse cams in.

You’re home early. She lazily commented as she walked up the stairs. Kicking off her heels and swiping them off the floor before stalking bare footed to her room.

She also showered before joining me in the living room after grabbing a snack from the kitchen.

What a day!

How about you? Hope your first day at work went well? Any first timer luck with the clientele?

Clearly, she was in for the gist. And I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I told her about the night, and the lunch as well as the commission I was given.

You should have heard her scream. It was almost like she was the one that Got credited. Next minute we were at a lounge drinking to the good life.

After which, she made me promise to go shopping the next day at the best spots. It’s time to do a wardrobe upgrade.

By the time we got home, I wasn’t surprised everyone already knew of my wins and insisted dinner was on me.

We had celebratory pizza. I can’t remember ever having so much fun or being surrounded by so much happiness. This right here, is another level of fullness.

Watch out for part 4

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