The Ijaw Nation has Lost a Rear Gem

Bedford Berefa, an asperant for the office of the Nation Spokesman of the Ijaw Youth Council, expresses sadness over the demise of a life member of the foremost struggle platform of the Ijaw people.

According to Bedford, the deseased Mike Wenebowei was a pillar and an addent beliver of the Ijaw course. He cried that the Ijaw nation had lost a backbone and an embodiment of iyc history.

Bedford says that the IYC family, immidiate family, Ogboin Clan, and the entire Ijaw nation will never forget the contributions of a patriot and that graceful fortitude is given to bear this painful lost. He also wonders why, in this short period of time, the Ijaw nation is faced with the lost of many vibrant sons and daughters. He calls for the prayers of our fathers so that such sad incidents will not reoccur in the ijaw nation.Letter of Condolence by IYc President on Elder Mike Wenibowei

Consiquent upon the demise of a passionate member of the ijaw struggle Elder Mike Wenebowei, the current NECOM and 8th NEC should work together to enable a smooth transition process in honour of our elder who just passed on to glory. Every aggrieved person should sith thier sword and allow the process without factions.

Bedford further calls on the entire Ijaw nation to give succour to the family of the deseased.

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