Starting The New Year 2022 Yourself, How?

Starting The New Year 2022 Yourself, How?
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Starting The New Year 2022 Yourself, How?

The year 2022 has began with so much expectations, many goals, visions, objectives and plans to embark on for success to be achievable in the year.

To achieve all your set goals and visions, to accomplish your plans, you need to begin the year with taking care of yourself. You need to be mentally and physically fit to achieve all your plans. The energy you use to work, the energy you expend on other people must be replaced with self care and self development if you are to perform at your best to achieve your desires.

Taking care of yourself first puts you in a position to take care of the needs of your family, your career and your business.

It is in your state of good physical and mental health that you can successfully achieve organizational goals where you work and also work towards your personal goals and visions.

Starting The New Year 2022 Yourself, How?

Self development increases your capacity to carry out various tasks that would be given to you effectively.

5 ways for Self Care

1. Get Natural
Take yourself for a retreat to a quiet environment where you can be alone. Look at nature, trees, water in the beach or mountains. As you do this, meditate on nature, it has a calming effect on your mind and body.

2. Do Something different
Engage in anything outside your daily routine such as swimming, learning music or a musical instrument or painting. Do something that allows you to be quiet and focused.

3. Take away distractions
Remove all forms of distractions such as television, radio or social media, you can even switch off your phone and just sit alone. You can read a bible and meditate on any verse you like, then pray over that verse.

4. Keep your mind positive
Take away every negative emotion such as anger, hurts, unforgiveness, worry, anxiety and others from your heart. Begin to think positively. Use your mind to imagine the kind of success you want in the year.

5. Have a prayer booklet
Write out some issues you have prayed about and how God answered them. It would remind you of God’s goodness. It also gives you hope that the year would be good.

As you take care of yourself, you can take care of every other issue in 2022.

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