Shun Personality Backstabbing Kelekele Advices Niger Deltans

One of the major setbacks hindering the development of the Niger Delta region for several years has been the issues of ” Pull Him Down” syndrome.

It is particularly worrisome when the people are involved in bringing down their own persons from the region.

This was made known to pressmen by the President of the Niger Delta Personality Project, Mr. Mozimor Kelekele.

He advised youths from the region to avoid been used as stooges to pull down their brothers occupying relevant positions in the Nigerian state.

“We cannot afford to loose them as we have been marginalized enough to be instigating quarrels among ourselves”

Kelekele called on unscrupulous elements in the region who are bent on dragging high flying technocrats, independent illustrious sons and daughters of the Niger Delta region to desist from such plans.

The era of petitioning persons from our region to forfeit positions they are holding due to selfish and greedy concerns must stop if we must enjoy a better Niger Delta region, he added

We must as a people drum up support for our own without thinking of our personal benefits.

He noted that it is of outmost importance for us to learn from other geopolitical zones on the need to protect our own.

He emphasized that other geopolitical zones are constantly making a mockery of our region due to our betrayal tendencies.

While speaking, Kelekele encouraged prominent personalities in various industries ranging from politics to oil and gas and other fields to continue their good works and ignore all distractions intended to undermine their meaningful contributions to the development of the region.

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