Pregnant Martha Caught in Bed with a Priest

By Sharon Rhiogbere

A sensational video has gone viral. The video was allegedly posted by a man who caught his heavily pregnant wife in bed with a supposed pastor on their matrimonial bed.

The man unexpectedly walked in on the demoralizing scene. He decided to expose the tryst while asking his wife why she decided to desecrate their matrimonial home.
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As he questioned his wife, the supposed pastor hurriedly covered his nakedness.

The woman attempted to reach for her husband but was refused from touching him.

All the trends going around have been centered on the woman’s immorality with various netizens having a variety of opinions.

However, no one has stopped to question the purpose of those fetish items which include candles, calabash, pans, and clothes of various significant colors present at the scene.

Was this really a case of the woman cheating on her husband because she was sex starved, or is there more to it.

Ultimately, whichever the reason, it is tragic and contemptible for such occurrences to be ravaging our society today.

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