Opinion: Criticism for Positive Development

Opinion: Criticism for Positive Development

Opinion: Criticism for Positive Development

We encounter criticisms almost every time as we go through life. According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, Criticism is the act of expressing disapproval of somebody or something and opinions about their faults or bad qualities

Criticism can come from a boss, a friend, your loved ones or even your spouse. This happens because we cannot always be right in what we do and people differ in their preferences. What you like or see as good may not be seen that way by the next person hence you would be criticized.

Sometimes we are unfairly criticized, which causes friction in our relationship with others. It is never a pleasant experience to be criticized.

However, we can decide how to take criticisms, we can decide to see criticism as an avenue to improve on ourselves. We could see those criticizing us as not just trying to bring us down but trying to make us see an area of our lives to work on and do better.

Look at the issue being raised, ask yourself questions and find ways to correct them if possible, when doing this, you learn something new, thereby improving your life.

You need to ensure that you don’t take criticisms personally. When you do, it would make you bitter and resentful, in this state, you may not see the bright side. Even though it is targeted at you, remember that if it is not you, it would be another person being criticized.

Opinion: Criticism for Positive Development

When we succeed, people must criticize because not everyone will celebrate you success with you. Sometimes, people who criticize do so out of an envious heart, so you should leave them to deal with their heart while you soar.

Never allow people’s negative words to ruin your life, it only gives the one who criticizes a strong hold over your emotions. Remember that even when you do good, there will be a criticism, so if you are convinced about your actions, focus on achieving and don’t worry about criticisms.

Learn the lessons, Shake off Criticisms and move on with life!

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