Meet Our Man Crush Monday:

Meet our man crush monday: Mr. Michael Ukiye Diongoli

Mr. Michael U. Diongoli is a serial businessman and financial management expert. He is the Group Managing Director of UK-DION GROUP.
A group of companies postured to add value in the financial, real estate and entertainment industries, as it’s their mantra ‘we simply add value’.

The group is operational in key states of Nigeria, including Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and Abuja with multiple offices in some of these states.
UK Dion group has the vision to be West Africa’s leading, most distinctive servicing and solutions hub that adds value to all stakeholders.

Deploying timely global compliant strategies, under the esteemed leadership of Mr. Michael Diongoli, the conglomerate is fast fulfilling this vision.

Interestingly this multi-million dollar group with a mission to build trust, ensure value addition and wealth creation for clients; had started as the brain child of Mr. Michael Diongoli, and was lunched right in his sitting room with a startup capital of just about three thousand naira only.

Through this phase of humble beginning, Mr. Michael Diongoli had his focus on the goal and was quite certain that in deploying the right skill-sets, competence and commitment the global picture in his head would soon be his reality.

He holds the philosophy true that it is okay to start small but not to remain small, in his words “You can start locally but think globally and much more develop global compliant competences and expertise”.

In line with his values Mr. Michael Diongoli had not only hoped for a large scale business but prepared and positioned himself to operate an international scale business; as he systematically acquired certifications that support and oxygenate his global visions.
He is a B.Sc. holder in Business Management, and has a Master’s Degree in International Business and Management, from the prestigious University of Bradford in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, in consolidating his expertise, the astute businessman worked as a financial adviser with Lowell Financials in the U.K. and later became a mortgage adviser with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) then a financial adviser with Barclays Bank and NatWest Bank all in the U.K.

Mr. M. Diongoli is an experienced, certified financial advisor and a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration (FICA) he is also a Fellow, Institute of Management Specialists (FIMS) with over 10 years working experience in the finance industry.

He has developed a wide range of competences, viable ideas and exceptional management skills in finance and investments.
This has allowed him to enjoy in-depth knowledge of the economic and financial situation in the country and across the African Continent.

Michael Diongoli has an affable nature which has enabled him build a lasting relationship with clients over the years.

He is a man of international repute.
This scholarly business guru ‘Mr. Michael Ukiye Diongoli’ with undeniable results is our man crush Mondy.

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