Micheal Olomu admonishes Bayelsans to look inward

Sharon Rhiogbere

Micheal Olomu, A federal House of Reps aspirant for the Sagbama/Ekeremor federal Constituency of Bayelsa Stata was cited at an Educational and empowerment programme last week.

When asked what propelled him to be there, he claimed that he remembers his root and the struggles it took him to achieve his current status quo, and it has spurred him to be intentional about relieving others who are going through the same. In his words, “any opportunity that I have in ensuring and enhancing the development of any child, we would do it to the latter”.

He declared that his foundation, the Micheal Olomu foundation is determined to assist and give back to society however it can.

He added that when he was invited by Ebilade whose friendship with him has stood the test of time, he felt it was an opportunity to sow into people’s lives as well as encourage the average Bayelsan to grow.

On behalf of his foundation, he decided to partner for the benefit of Bayelsans and they keyed into the project to birth more successful Bayelsans and a better society.

He stated that “I’ve just come to support, as usual, supporting a friend, supporting a brother, so that at the end of the day, society will be better for us”.

He expressed his joy that the idle ones have now been empowered and would no longer be a tool of the devil to wreak havoc in society and with consistent progress over time, they would also develop to a point where they can give back to society as well.

He added that the government should look more into programmes like this, emphasizing his disappointment, he said

“if it was a burial, if it was a wedding, you will see everybody in government coming to spray money, coming to show themselves, but when it comes to intellectual property, where Bayelsans would come and contribute back to the society, our people are not doing it”.

He called upon the Bayelsa government and its parastatals to key more into projects like this.

When asked about the Campaign and Elections, he admonished the people of Bayelsa to look inward when making their choice.

He further voiced that

It is not about he who has been there but has done nothing, but rather it should be about he who has not been there and done something for society.

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