Marine Protection

Environmental activist, Dele Fulani, in this piece speaks on the upcoming conference on Marine Protected Areas in Canada and the role of private sector in advocating for the preservation of the marine areas.

His speech:

“The ecosystem was well planned and thought-out by God for the benefit of mankind.

“Every aspect of the ecosystem both plants and animals and non living things were carefully created to be interdependent and achieve balance in the ecosystem.

“Unfortunately, human activities, both Internationally or unintentionally, have caused imbalance and dysfunction in the ecosystem.

“Where there’s dysfunction in the ecosystem, it will lead to a lot of mishap and avoc in the well-being of the society either directly or indirectly.

“This is one of the causes of climate change and that is why we environmentalists are advocating for green energies and how we can curb the menace of what could lead to bad climate, environmental degradation through all spillage.

“One critical area of our lives we need to look at is marine conservation and protection.

“The living organisms in the marine world are currently facing existential threats through unsafe human activities and practices detrimental to aquatic lives which might result in total extinction of these organisms if not checked on time.

“A situation whereby hazardous wastes and non biodegradable wasted are thrown into the oceans in dangerous and detrimental to the survival of the aquatic lives.

“Another area of concern is the massive encroachment into the marine areas through landfilling efforts to drive back the oceans.

“God gave us this wonderful work of nature to nurture it for our own benefits.

“To the glory of God, the whole world will be gathering in February in North America in Canada precisely to brainstorm on how to protect the marine and whatever resolutions reached at this conference will be a policy document for all countries of the world particularly countries that have water bodies and coastal borderlines.

“This is a task that has to be done because government alone cannot do it. It requires efforts of non-state actors, the civil societies and non governmental organizations like ours need to make more advocacy on marine protection.”

Dele Fulani, an environmental activist, aviation expert and online blogger writes in from Abuja.

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