Isoko Generals Laud Itiveh and Karo for their movement to liberate the isoko nation along with Matthew Edugbo INYC President

The Coalition of Eleven Isoko Youth Groups that were convened by Mr. Iteveh Nurudeen Ekpopobe and Mr. Karo Edor who are the drivers of the movement for the recognition of the Isoko nation in the federal government pipeline surveillance contract have received the applause and vote of confidence of the Generals of Isoko Nation. 

The generals have said after an emergency meeting and in response to the attempts of certain saboteurs that;

“In 1998 when we shut down five flow stations in protest to the marginalization of Isoko Nation, our aim was to push for the development of our land, that aim has not changed. Instead, we have resorted to intellectual engagement, not because we are afraid of violence. But today, those who have fomented troubles leading to the economic woes of Nigeria are rewarded and respected while those of us who have embraced peace are relegated to the background. This cannot continue.

The expressed their dissent and worry by the attempt to undermine the autonomy of the isoko nation in the award of pipeline surveillance contract to the Niger Delta stakeholders.

They also commended the efforts of the illustrious sons of the isoko nation – Mr Iteveh Nurudeen Ekpopobe and Mr. Karo Edor who have taken up the course to grant the isoko nation what is due them while also commending the president of the Isoko National Youth Council(INYC) Comrade Matthew Edugbo noting his efforts in mobilising the Eleven groups for the Coalition for the uplifting of the Isoko nation.

The Nigerian Senate was commended in turn for doing its due diligence in listening to the plight and position of the Coalition and adjudicating the matter as well. 

However, there are some interests arising which may prove to be obstructions to the struggle for Isoko liberation, and the isoko generals have not hesitated to point them out.

We believe that a success pipeline surveillance contract award to the right company in a process free from exploitation and corruption will birth numerous benefits for the isoko nation in Job opportunities and economic development.

It is imperative to note those who plan to exploit the opportunities provided by the contract to the detriment of the isoko people. We are unaffiliated with the self-elected Mayor of Urhobo. Urhobo and Isoko are two distinct ethnic groups. The Mayor should stop usurping the isoko nation’s benefits.

“It has come to our attention that this individual has been using the name of the Isoko people to further his political agenda and personal interests without our consent or approval. This is a gross misrepresentation of our nation and we firmly reject it. We would like to emphasize that Isoko and Urhobo are two separate and distinct ethnic groups, each with their own unique cultural and historical heritage.

“The Isoko people have always maintained a cordial relationship with our neighboring ethnic groups, including the Urhobo, and we have always sought to promote unity and peaceful coexistence amongst all ethnic groups in the region.

“We would like to make it clear that the Isoko people have no involvement in the political struggles of the self-proclaimed Mayor of Urhobo and we do not support any actions or statements that may cause division or unrest in our communities.

“We implore the self-proclaimed Mayor of Urhobo to refrain from using the name of the Isoko people for his personal gain, and to respect our right to self-determination.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to extend a hand of friendship and cooperation to all ethnic groups in the region, as we believe that our common interests and goals are best served through mutual respect.” The communiqué read

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