Ijaw Interest Must be prioritise – Ijaw Political Frontiers

The interest of the Ijaw nation should be your priority- Ijaw Frontiers

Over the years, the Ijaw people have always been agitating that they cannot be conquered however, these words have become a cliché over the years as it had not been matched with relative action as expected.

The desire not to be conquered by foreign bodies has been infiltrated with selfish political interest and aspirations.

The spokesman of the Ijaw Political Frontiers, Bedford Berefa admonishes political gladiators of opposing parties to put Ijaw interest first beyond their political interest.

He said those who are so desperate to sell out the Ijaw course for mere political promises would be disappointed at the long run as history has revealed that betrayals of any sort has bitter consequences therefore all must foster a common Ijaw agenda in this very dicey political dispensation.

Bedford characterized the recent attack on Doctor Farah Dagogo as an age long bitterness for the Ijaws in Rivers states whose times in the corridors of power only put Rivers State in a positive and prosperous pedestal.

He further called on Ijaws in Rivers state ranging from the Ijaw National Congress and the Ijaw Youth Council to use every legal means to see that justice is done to the brutal molestation of Doctor Farah Dagogo.

Finally he urged all relevant bodies in the Ijaw nation to invent a political congress where unanimous decisions would be reached on our political representation across the balkanized Ijaw territories.

“We must not give room for disunity in this critical times of our Nigerian Politics. Our loyalty should be to the Ijaw nation and not our political parties”.

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