How Woman Beats Her 11 Year Maid to Death in Jos

By Sharon Rhiogbere

Nneamaka Nwachucku has been arrested for beating her 11-year old house maid to death in Jos

Margaret Joshua, was forced to leave her hometown of Kebbi about a year ago at the tender age of 10years as a result of crisis and insecurities. She was referred by a supposed helper to Mrs Nneamaka to serve as a house help.

The action which was supposed to be a lifeline and a path of survival for the young girl has terminated in her demise.

The mother of two who is also a researcher in a Research Institute in Avon, Jos South LGA, Plateau state, was supposed to be a mother figure to Margaret. She was supposed to send her to school, but repeatedly fell short in carrying this out.

Instead, she repeatedly beats and molests the Margaret to the point of devastation.

The attention of the coordinator of the National Human Rights Commission, Mrs Grace Pam was drawn by one of the hospital staff.

The last beating ended in the girl being dunked in a pail of hot water till her buttocks was thoroughly scalded before she was left to flee the house for over 24hours before she was found and medical attention sought.

She was found roaming the streets and taken to the police station. The police thereafter took her to Mandela Hospital in Kaduna Vom, before she was referred to Jos.

The police claim that they have repeatedly warned the guardian against torturing the child since this wasn’t a first occurrence and advised them to return the child to her parents should they have no interest in the child’s welfare or find her presence an eyesore.

When called for questioning, Mrs Nneamaka said she didn’t mean it as torture but rather as correction to the 11year old child masturbating. She claimed she didn’t dunk her in a pair of water, but that Margaret fell into it of her own volition before fleeing the house for over 24hours.
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The case has been transferred from the police station in Kaduna to the Police headquarters in Jos for further investigation.

However, what has the Federal government done to protect the children of Nigeria? How active is the Nigerian Child protective services? Shouldn’t the government make provisions for displaced children? We hope the government and Child protective service can give a satisfactory response.

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