Hon (Chief) Peres Oloye  emerged through the support of Oporomo and Tuomo kingdom as a PDP flag bearer.

It’s important to draw the attention of every party faithful to know the bitter truth how Hon (Chief) Peres Oloye emerged through the support of Oporomo and Tuomo clan without sentiment.
The Peoples Democratic Party primary election was conducted on 21th, May 2022 at  Ogbugbagbene main town Where all statutory delegates across the five Wards in Burutu South voted for Hon Peres Oloye as the party flag bearer with no rancour either division.
We should know that, Hon Peres Oloye is not a member of Tuomo-Ebe Political Front either is he a financier and he did not emerge through the support of Tuomo kingdom alone and all respected leaders in both kingdom worked to deliver Hon.Peres Oloye on a personal ground.
Below is the statistical record of the Burutu South Votes for the PDP primary election.
Ojobo ward (5)gave Peres Oloye two Votes
Buluo-Ndoro/ Ekogbene ward (6)gave Peres Oloye two Votes
Torugbene ward (1) gave Peres Oloye one Vote
Tamigbe ward (2) gave Peres Oloye one Vote
Tuomo ward (3) where he comes from gave him four block Votes which amounted to producing Hon Chief Peres Oloye as the winner of the primary election with ten votes from the both clans, not Tuomo kingdom alone.
It’s a collective interest of Burutu South leaders to make a U- turn to support Hon Chief Peres Oloye to have successfully emerged as the anointed flag bearer of our great party, PDP.
The public should know that, Hon.Juma Diofelo is making unfriendly comment out of imaginary moon and he should retrace his steps  to build the party as a serving councilor and he should desist from fanning the embers of disunity among Opomoro sons and daughters for the forthcoming House of Assembly election slated for 11th May, 2023.
Comr. Jackson Agbor writing from Buluo-Tamigbe.
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