Feature: The perfect Gentleman Script by Sharon Rhiogbere

Perfect Gentleman

I put on my best behavior as I said hello back to him with a smile. And the lights flashing in his eyes told me he was stunned and that that smile safely wrapped a cord around his hotly beating heart.

You’re new around here aren’t you, let me accompany you. You don’t mind a drink do you?

I obliged and we found ourselves a less conspicuous corner to sit and chat. He got to know who I am and what I was there for. He even took a look at my catalog and indicated interest in two properties. We exchanged contacts and planned to meet and discuss the purchase over launch the next day.

He couldn’t personally send me home as he had other engagements, but he personally booked a ride back home for me and sent me home with some change. I mean that was what he called a Hundred thousand Naira.
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I did feign civility and refuse for a bit, but I mean when he calls it change and insists, how could I refuse such a generous tip. So I accepted. Besides, I was broke and I had to put in some effort to look presentable at launch tomorrow.

The ride back was smooth sailing and even my night was the sweetest one in months. All thoughts of Ehi drifted away with the wind. I was finally at ease. And by the time I was in bed, dreams of sweetness, bliss and a beautiful life ahead was already assailing my senses. And it felt better than an orgasm.

By morning, I didn’t even want to get up, I wanted to remain floating in my bubble and I wished time would stop there with me being so at ease until Charisse came to remind me I still owe her rent. But this time around that was my alarm to get ready for my launch appointment-cum-date.

So I got up, stumbled to the kitchen to make toast for breakfast, which I took with a creamy cup of coffee, then I showered, put on a dress and slipped out of the apartment.

I went to the mall to pick a dress, and then the saloon for a makeover. When they were done fixing me up, even I was proud of the woman staring back at me in the mirror.

“It’s his loss” my ego said to me. And I totally agreed.

Our launch date was supposed to be at 1:30pm but by the time I was through dolling up, it was already 12:50pm. So I hurriedly booked a bolt after confirming the location for lunch. It was at Crush Cafe in Gwarimpa.

By the time I arrived, it was already 1:45pm and I was rushing over apologetically, but before I could say a thing he already stood up to welcome me.

He said I should take it easy and that there’s no rush. He usually comes out here for lunch and 15minutes of waiting is the least a gentleman could do. I couldn’t help but agree that he can’t be any more right.

He offered me champagne and we perused the contracts and signed the deal. He paid and I had to pick up the deed and other documents from the company for the handover.

So I laughed, and he asked why? I said all of it felt too easy and surreal. And that maybe it was just beginners luck though. He laughed and said he could do recommendations for me and he’s sure a couple of his friends won’t mind making me their realtor. And then I asked

What’s the catch?

– Sharon Rhiogbere

Watch out for part 3

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