Feature: Perfect Gentleman Script Prt 1 by Sharon Rhiogbere

Can’t I get a breather please?

It’s barely been a month since I left Ehi, I have to first find an emotional balance rather than let the hurt drive me, after all you know rebounds are rebounds for a reason, they never work out.

Karen let out a snickering laugh, she thinks I’m stupid for staying in a committed relationship so long and even more stupid for trying to find another one.

I don’t know what made her this way, maybe she’s been hurt or someone else’s experience, or maybe that’s just how her mind is shaped.

I’m not a saint myself if you’re thinking it, neither am I a wild cat. I’m not mama SU, nor am I a church fanatic, I just have a line of control I’m fighting so hard for the pressure not to erase.

Cause even I, am afraid of what I might become once I lose it “my safe harbor “

Cars are zooming everywhere fast and flashy, there’s a little wonder when I’ll be riding in one.

I’m terribly late for a meeting. And it’s my first one on the Job. I mean, real estate marketing is quite lucrative and with all the hustle and bustle of it, there’s some dirty games being played behind the curtains.

So my company only hires youthful females who are single and our work times are late at night, you know, the prime time where deals get swept across the table over bottles of fine wine and champagne, fine women add a lot of spice to the deals as well.

So I’ve turned down rides from about three Alhaji’s tonight, Susan literally called me a block of wood before she left in her offered lift.

I know I can start marketing to these Alhaji’s but if they’re giving you a lift at night you better know what they want comes before what you want.

My bolt driver has been terrible at his job, I mean, it should have been here about an hour ago. And I was already late before I called him.

It’s not even him I blame, it’s Charisse, she wouldn’t just mind her own business. I was already, all dressed up and she literally dragged me back to have a do-over, now I look hot and spicy, and she wouldn’t have it anyway else unless I have my share of the rent to give back to her right away. She says she’s doing it for “my good”

“How would you get a rich man to check out your catalog if you don’t even look classy enough for him to talk to?”

While the others were busy picking on it being party hour and being able to drop by at the club on the way home. Being dressed corporately was an absolute no from all of them.

Finally, my bolt has arrived, i just hope he isn’t as clumsy finding his way to the venue as he is finding his way to me. It’s gonna be a long night.
Feature: The perfect Gentleman Script by Sharon Rhiogbere
And as I laid back for the ride, memories of the good times with Ehi kept flashing through my head, until the ugly ones broke out like a nightmare. It feels like shattering a glass antique every other time. I mean, my heart actually stops from the pain. How can someone change so drastically?
Are we all capable of such intense change? And how much change am I capable of? All of these scare me a lot.

And as I stepped into the venue, that awkward moment of silence gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, I felt like a show stopper, the last one to walk the red carpet, an absolute muse, and on the other I felt like an absolute nuisance, I mean, even the top brass were present much earlier than I was. And all the other guest already found their potential clients and were actively engaging them.

That was when he walked up to me and smiled, it was the scent of his musk that first assaulted my senses, and then his voice. And when i lifted my gaze to him, he was absolutely gorgeous, the kind of gorgeous attributes only to the devil. Oh and he was the devil. But if find out much later. But for now, I smiled back wondering what a dashing young man, was doing hanging with these old fogey’s.

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