End Crude Oil Environmental Pollution Now To Save Our Environment. Environmentalist Magada Advocate

18-August 2022

Through its maiden campaign against crude oil environmental pollution, illegal refineries, pipeline vandalism, oil theft, and bunkering activities, which kicked off at his maternal home town of Tamigbe on 18th August 2022, the Executive Director of Niger Delta Ecoh Monitors, Franklin D. Magada, a passionate and professional environmentalist, leads a community-by-community-based awareness campaign in the Niger Delta.
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It has become a serious concern and necessary for us to take the lead in the creeks of the Niger Delta region through a community-by-community awareness and enlightened campaign against crude oil environmental pollution, illegal refineries, pipeline vandalism, oil theft, and bunkering activities.

The effects and impacts of those activities cannot be quantified for those short-term gains for a few cartels while destroying the overall ecosystem of the environment on which our people rely for fisheries and agriculture.We better stop it now because the harm is enormous and it will take us a decade to restore the environment to its original vitality.

The extinction of some species in the marine ecosystem of the region is felt by all in the region; for example, water snails.

Franklin D. Magada said he is passionate about this because he has done a private impact assessment of hydrocarbon pollution contaminates, where he carried out a sample from a hydrocarbon polluted environment and a control sample from an unpolluted environment where all the samples were subjected to a toxicology analysis under a 90-hour acclimatization period. The results under my preview are devastating and dangerous , and we will not recover in the short term because it harms our environment to such an extent that our health, agricultural output, and national revenue are affected.

I am afraid, judging from my environmental expert background, if this continues in the on-going manner of this unprofessional illegal crude oil refining process in the region, the entirety of the Niger Delta ecosystem and the aquifer will be harmful to survival and would require decades for restoration. Hence, we’d better halt it now.

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