Environmentalist Frown at the Burning of Vessel Loaded with Illegal Bunkering

Environmentalist Magada caution illegal bunkering stoppage enforcement officers to apply professionalism in discharge of duties.

Don’t end up destroying the environment you are meant to safeguard, all in the name of destroying illegal bunkering.

Environmentalist Franklin D. Magada executive director of Niger Delta Ecoh Monitors caution illegal bunkering stoppage enforcement officers both state actors and contracted state actors.

Free Burning of petrochemical products in the disguise of destroying illegal refinery kpooka fire, bunkering activities especially the recent published uncontrol burning of petrochemical loaded vessel in the nations rivers and sea , called for concerned has a environmental practitioner, why because the products will end up on the ecosystem to degrade the environment.
Stealing the Nation By Nnimmo Bassey

Henceforth, I call on more professional way of destroying the illegal refinery kpooka fire bunkering activities and not by emptying the petrochemical to ecosystem which would end up destroying the environment.

Nigeria Environmental consciousness revolution was born out of dumping of chemical toxic waste to the Nigeria sea gulf at Koko by Italian company on 1988, which prompt the federal government then to establish the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA)

While also using this median to call on the NNPC to start the Niger Delta Remediation regime through the environmental remediation funds in the PIA act.

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