Breaking: Meinbutus gets New Leadership

The Meinbusus organisation is back on track under the mandate of Denco Moni, who emerges as the brand new chairman of the organisation after a legitimate process. The organisation is saddled with the responsibility to promote, protect, and project the Ijaw cultural and economic heritages.

While addressing leaders of Meinbutus in his acceptance speech, Comrade Denco Moni reiterates his undiluted commitment to captain the Meinbutus ship without fear, and he is willing to sacrifice is all the project the sacred Meinbutus name.
In his voice, “Under my leadership and the chairman of this great organisation, I shall work relentlessly to build the secretariat and regain the pride of the organisation.

” we shall collectively as an exco roll out programmes to reawaken our consciousness of our collective struggle as a people, we shall not take no for an answer as the Ijawman is never conquered. We shall work with other relevant organisations and the mother of them all the Ijaw National Congress and the Ijaw Youth Council worldwide to restore our dignity in the comittee of nations.
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We shall move around our federated communities to host meetings to deliberate our progressive future.

We are here to provide leadership, and of course, we are open to suggestions for the overall good of the Ijaw Nation.

As the drum beats for the transition of new leadership the the IYC Denco admonishes the Eleco to do their all to conduct free electorial processes as their name is at stake. According to him, a good name provides opportunities in the future.

While congratulating the new leadership of Meinbutus, Dr. Felix Tuodolo urges them to stay focused to give direction to the organisation.

According to him, this is a welcomed development. There’s a need to build and strengthen our organizations so that our umbrella bodies (INC and IYC) will become more effective and accountable. Kudos to MEINBUTUS.

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