Bayelsa: Food Prices Scares Residents of Yenagoa

Bayelsa: Food Prices Scares Residents of Yenagoa

Bayelsa State: Food Prices Scares Residents of Yenagoa

The food we eat every day plays a very important role in our lives because food is highly needed to sustain life.

We cannot do without food as human beings but when food becomes expensive, out of the reach of the common man, we now have to eat anything available regardless of whether it would nourish us or not, expensive food causes men to just eat to fill the stomach rather than nourish the body.

Food Prices Scares Residents of Yenagoa

This has led to the outcry of many persons living in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital over the increasing price of food items in the markets.

Some persons who spoke to our correspondent lamented the high cost of many foodstuff in the market, particularly rice, beans and yam including garri.

They cried out over their inability to eat what they like rather they are forced to eat food within their financial ability.

Some say the government should take responsibility for ensuring that prices of food items becomes reasonably affordable.

Others say the government should increase salaries such that workers can afford to buy food in the market.

A visit to some popular markets in Yenagoa such as Opolo, Kpansia, Tombia, and Swali revealed that the cost of food items and provisions are on the high side, especially for low-income earners.

Some anonymous market men and women explained that many food items are being imported into the country and before they get transported into the state, the sellers would add the cost of transportation, making the items to become quite expensive.

However, they expressed hope that the government would encourage more states within the country to begin the production of food that can be grown in their environment.

Many residents are appealing to the federal and state governments to take a critical survey of the situation and come out with possible solutions to avert more hunger and poverty for the common man.

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